Mother’s Day is in Three Days!

Here is your friendly reminder that Mother’s Day is in three days.

We recognize the diversity in our community and offer a variety of products for that person you would like to honour.

We also recognize that this can be a hard time for some folx in our community for a variety of reasons. We see you and we support you.

We invite you to consider a purchase with a purpose this year. A portion of all proceeds for the month of May will be donated to The Gift of Baby Elena.

The Gift of Baby Elena

Every month Ulfhednar will give back to the community by sponsoring important causes. For the month of May, we will be working with The Gift of Baby Elena which focuses on families who have lost a child to SIDS.

[Image description: text “The gift of baby Elena” in purple cursive font with a hummingbird polinating a purple flower in the upper right corner.]

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is the unexplained death, usually during sleep, of a seemingly healthy baby less than a year old. This is a cause that is close to our hearts having lost our own loved ones, and the loved ones of our friends and family.

What I’m doing is creating comfort kits for families who have experienced loss. I send them all over Canada at no cost.  We sent out 15 this year alone.” Amanda, founder of The Gift of Baby Elena. A comfort kit consists of a piece of jewelry for mom and a keychain for dad, stuffed bears, hug blankets, journals, books on grief, self care items for bath and grooming, and gift cards to help with meals.

For the entire month of May Ulfhednar will be donating 25% of its sales to The Gift of Baby Elena, as well as releasing a special bath bomb scent named after this charity. $1 from every Baby Elena bath bomb will go towards the charity as well.

But that’s not all The Gift of Baby Elena does. This year, they are taking on large projects to help support families. Listen to Amanda share a bit more:

We also are donating this year to our local hospital in hopes of helping to cover the cost of an infant transporter.  We are in a small town and I sometimes question that if we didn’t have to wait for the team to come from out of town and if they had arrived sooner if my beautiful girl could have been saved. We also have a program where we are providing families of loss with owlet baby care monitors which are heart monitors that are worn on a sock —for any rainbow baby or subsequent children they have.  They are approximately 400.00 a piece but can provide a priceless peace of mind. Families suffer alone and in silence. I want to change the stigma and raise awareness nationwide.”

One in every thousand births is affected by SIDS in Canada, that’s nearly 4000 SIDS related deaths in 2018. Join with us as we comfort grieving families in their time of need.